In November 2005

by | 20. Jun 2005

Here and there is some annoyance over the fact, that the music released on Hall Of Sermon is now also available online. Now, this isn’t a belittling of the sound-carrier – if this would be so, we would harm ourselves because Hall Of Sermon is a sound-carrier manufacturer!

No, this is rather a reaction to the many requests from out of your rows, at which the poor quality of available downloads on the Internet found fault. Of course the sound-carrier is and remains the central medium of our art in its conceptional and musical compilation and with its booklet, the printed lyrics, the photos and – particularly for Lacrimosa albums – indispensable cover paintings!

EPThat nothing has changed to this will show on December 2nd the “Lichtgestalten EP” and the DVD “Musikkurzfilme” which both will come in high-quality Digipak and each with a 12-sided booklet and with the same love of the detail like all our previous releases!
And on this occasion we would like to introduce these two releases to you in few words:

“Lichtgestalten EP” is the epilogue to the current album “Lichtgestalt” and lights during six titles partiMusikkurzfilmecularly those shadows which accompany the light of a moving creature. Besides the title “Unerkannt”, a continuation of “Nachtschatten” and that until now most aggresiv Lacrimosa title “Road To Pain”, the EP among others also features a sarcastic SNAKESKIN-Remix of “Lichtgestalt” and a version of “Siehst Du mich im Licht?” recorded together with ATROCITY.

And who is surprised at the cover, shall be reminded, that only the albums of Lacrimosa feature painted covers, while we cultivate the traditions with our singles and mini-albums – like this one – to continue and complete the album painting with real pictures and collagen.

The DVD “Musikkurzfilme” units all of the by Lacrimosas music inspired filmlets and music clips which we have shot until now. Starting with our first music video “Satura” from 1993, over clips like for example “Copycat” and “Stolzes Herz”, up to the previous unreleased filmets for “Alleine zu zweit”“Der Morgen danach”“Durch Nacht und Flut” and of course the freshly shot “Lichtgestalt”, the – as we think – highlight of this DVD! All clips are swirled with poetic animations and the DVD offers usual stereo and a new mixed 5.1 surround sound. Finally one can throw a look behind the scenes and finds a view into Lacrimosas future in the bonus material!

All anniversary actions of this particular year 2005 are completed then, if only one last well-wisher wouldn’t start playing his violin now…
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Now, we wish you beautiful fall days!
Tilo Wolff
Anne Nurmi