In March – “Lichtjahre”

by | 17. Jun 2007

2nd May 2005: LACRIMOSA’s “Lichtgestalt” comes to the shops. This album is released very nearly worldwide and marks the current climax of what to date has been an unparalleled career lasting fifteen years.

11th May 2005: LACRIMOSA go on stage in Milan to start off their “Lichtgestalt“ tour, which ends 18 months, four continents, twelve countries and over 150,000 spectators later on 15th October 2006 in the sold-out ‘He Luting Concert Hall’ in Shanghai as one of the most fascinating concert tours of the new millennium.

29th June 2007: together with its soundtrack – LACRIMOSA’s first live CD to be released in nine years! – the “Lichtjahre“ film is coming out on DVD.
This film will reawaken the most beautiful, extreme and emotional moments of this mammoth tour-project in powerful, evocative images and, with live on-stage performances from actual hits like “Letzte Ausfahrt: Leben“, “The party is over“ and “Lichtgestalt“, as well as stage versions of such mature classics as “Ich bin der brennende Komet“, “Der Morgen danach“ and “Stolzes Herz“, this DVD includes a cross-section of many years of musical creativity.

Nevertheless, “Lichtjahre“ is not restricted solely to clips of live stage shows that have been extravagantly produced with lots of cameras and cranes, but also reveals insights into what goes on behind the scenes of LACRIMOSA concerts that have never been seen before. They begin in the practice room, during the preparations for this long tour, include coach journeys and flights to foreign cities and cultures, interviews with members of the audience, for example during a press conference in Hong Kong and on the Red Square in Moscow, until the final moments in the backstage before the bands hits the stage, as well as this DVD shows a private view from the after-show-parties back in their hotel room!