LACRIMOSA – “Lichtjahre”

by | 17. Jun 2007

The movie on DVD, its soundtrack on Double-Live-CD and a Limited Double-CD-Edition of 1999 copies coming on June 29th 2007

As LACRIMOSA went on stage at Milan’s “Alcatraz” to start off their “Lichtgestalt” tour on 11 May 2005, it was also the start of one of the most ambitious film projects in the history of the music industry!
Twelve countries on four continents were to be visited, and the entire journey recorded on video and in sound, in which, one and a half years later, a total of twelve cameramen, two crane operators, eighteen stagehands, three lighting technicians, two sound engineers, a band, and over 150,000 spectators had been involved.

And then, on 29 June 2007, nine years after the first live album, LACRIMOSA’s double album – “Lichtjahre” – was finally released. On the one hand, the cuts document the development of the live musical performance of a band that constantly provides new arrangements to clothe its emotional and ecstatic songs on stage. At the same time, however, this live CD is also the original soundtrack of the film of the same name, because all the sound recordings of the concerts were made on 24 tracks while the film was being shot, which was an enormous challenge in view of the fact that the concerts were performed in different countries, but ultimately meant an optimum sound quality for both DVD and CD.

In addition to recent compositions, such as “Lichtgestalt“, “Letzte Ausfahrt: Leben”, and a version of “The party is over”, in which Tilo Wolff himself plays trumpet, plus recordings of such classics as “Schakal”, a partly Spanish version of “Durch Nacht and Flut” and a deliciously refreshing version of “Stolzes Herz”, this live album includes an additional CD with additional recordings that didn’t find space in the with 180 minutes comprehensive, but not excessively extralarge movie.

While this CD appears LACRIMOSA traditionally in Jewel Case, there will be a to 1999 copies restricted Limited edition of the live CD which will contains a Digipak in a cardboard slipcase, other titles, for example the only twice played and never published song “The last millennium”!

Lichtjahre CoverTalking about the movie “Lichtjahre”: How do 2,500 Mexican fans react to what are mainly German lyrics when they attend a LACRIMOSA concert? And by way of comparison, how does the audience respond at a concert in Berlin, or Bucharest, Shanghai, Madrid, or Krakow? What happens when LACRIMOSA hold an autograph session in Monterrey, or march across the Red Square in Moscow. What has to be done to ensure that a show can actually take place and what goes on in LACRIMOSA’s hotel rooms when the concert’s over?

And how will the cinema audience react to this film? – As the mexican premiere will follow in June, the european premiere took place on May 25th at the Cinestar Movie Theatre in Leipzig (Germany). And again this premiere was filmed as well and the recordings got edited into the movie itself and will be seen as film-in-film sequences on the DVD, coming on June 29th. At the same time, these last recordings added the finishing touch for this project and its two light years since the start of the tour back in May 2005 in Italy.