The next LacriNight!

by | 23. Nov 2010

You know the tradition: we – the ones listening to LACRIMOSA – are spread all over the globe thus we can’t celebrate a party all together physically. Therefore from time to time we meet at the so-called LacriNight in the LACRIMOSA forum while listening to the same album at the precise same time. Like this we are connected with each other like two lovers from different countries looking at the moon at the very same time.

And so I am very happy to announce the next LacriNight: it will be on Friday, December 3rd and the theme will be the album “Fassade“! To pay tribute to the different time zones we will have two sessions. The first one starts at 9:00 pm CET and the second at midnight CET!

In the coming days I will start the official thread about this LacriNight in which we can meet on December 3rd at the forum in the category “Meet & Greet”.

See you there and take good care!
Tilo Wolff