Lacrimosa Live 2020 – Ticket sale

by | 10. Jul 2020

Due to the worldwide flight and assembly restrictions, it is unfortunately not possible to implement our original plans for this special anniversary year. And because we don’t want to announce concerts which no one can predict today whether they can actually take place (the virus will keep the world busy for some time to come), we have considered the following:
We are playing a single anniversary concert in which the entire world can participate virtually!
There have often been disappointments that we could not come to your country and to your city. Not this time! We come to every living room, from Flensburg to Constance, from Christchurch to Vancouver! All you have to do is buy an online ticket and then we’ll be your guests!
We hope for your understanding that we cannot give this show away for free, because (regardless of the work so far) we will start preparing this show intensively from next week on and organization, logistics, stage and video technology, streaming tools, crew, etc. is not free and everyone involved should be paid for their work.
Now, we are looking forward to a good pre-sale start and hope that we can realize this show with you!
Here you find the tickets: