Live (1998)


CD 1:
01. Lacrimosa Theme 2:15
02. Ich bin der brennende Komet 6:58
03. Vermächtnis der Sonne 3:43
04. Deine Nähe 9:25
05. Tränen der Sehnsucht 6:08
06. Siehst Du mich im Licht? 5:25
07. Not every pain hurts 5:15
08. Schakal 6:16
09. Seele in Not 6:45
CD 2:
01. Kabinett der Sinne 7:36
02. Make it end 5:51
03. Satura 7:30
04. Stolzes Herz 7:10
05. Versiegelt glanzumströmt 7:20
06. Versuchung 7:11
07. Darkness 7:15
08. Copycat 4:32
09. Alles Lüge 6:22


Following eight years of band history, five studio albums, three singles and countless concerts LACRIMOSA´s long-awaited and long-overdue live album, recorded during their nearly sold out European tour last year, is finally being released.

With works raging from their debut MC to their 1997 release, this album offers a facinating sample of the creative power of a unique band, who, on the one hand, have continued to develop over the years while, on the other hand, sink their roots even deeper. As such, even a live album by LACRIMOSA is good for some surprises, as it is not limiting itself to simple reproductions of existing recordings, but takes a giant step forward.

The live album presents unique and spontaneous versions with an expressive power that consciously defies comparsion. These live recordings are in no meant to replace the orginal versions of the songs. Instead, the album shows intimate impressions and musical snapshots, which one can seldom experiance.

What this double album impressively presents, is what kind of incredible magic can arise when a band and the audience fuse into one unit, in which the mutual inspiration is measured in terms of musical intensity!

Tilo Wolff: Vocals, Keyboards
Anne Nurmi: Keyboards, Vocals


AC: Drums
Jay P.: Bass
Sascha Gerbig: Guitars
J. “Piesel” Küstner: Guitars