In August 2006

by | 19. Jun 2006

After it had to be read on for some time, that on October, 6th a new SNAKESKIN album will be released, one or the other asked me: why SNAKESKIN, why not LACRIMOSA?

A couple of words about this: I started with LACRIMOSA in order to give my poetry and all therefrom arising emotions and feelings another dimension. This is the center and the main idea of LACRIMOSA, that every composition is based on a poetry, a lyric, the written word (also the instrumental “Lacrima Mosa” which is based on these on LACRIMOSA itself focused words). This concept, this proceeding was exactly the right thing at that time and still is the right thing to this day!

And so that nothing will change this in future and that the origin of LACRIMOSA won’t become uprooted, I had to create a new frame for compositions which aren’t the result of the inspiration matured from the word but tell a story on their own.

So SNAKESKIN was born. This second skin represents another surface now, like SNAKESKIN’s musical surface – the arrangement and production – is different from LACRIMOSA’s. But underneath this skin, there is the same heart beating.

The aim is the same in both, only the ways are different. And if, besides unusual features, such as the cooperation with the great opera singer KERSTIN DOELLE, one might say about the new album of SNAKESKIN, that it sounds and feels like an album of LACRIMOSA, I can’t deny it, because it was taken from the same heart, the same soul, out of the same feelings, only with the SNAKESKIN-covered hands.

Tilo Wolff

You can find more information about the new SNAKESKIN-Album “Canta’Tronic”, incl. some Soundsnipets on