Fassade (2001)

“Wie ein Traum, ein tiefes Sehnen. Du allein – kannst strahlen in der Welt!”


01. Fassade – 1. Satz 9:19
02. Der Morgen danach 4:26
03. Senses 6:04
04. Warum so tief? 9:11
05. Fassade – 2. Satz 5:34
06. Liebesspiel 4:38
07. Stumme Worte 5:58
08. Fassade – 3. Satz 7:45
A decade ago, Gothic-Metal was founded and leaded into the front by Tilo Wolff’s LACRIMOSA. Not captured and being able to hold in only one direction, this unique music found quick it’s audience among people from all sections. After sold out world tours, a total amount of around one million sold albums, regular chart notations (latest in place 12 in the German Top 100) and diverse awards is LACRIMOSA today the most successful Independent act of the world.

Instead of releasing a résumé of it’s 10-year work, soon after returning from the “Elodia-tour” in January 2000, Tilo Wolff and Anne Nurmi started their biggest work so far, a long process of composing and orchestration for a Symphony Orchestra, Choirs, solo instruments and a rock band, brought together in a way which is breaking all traditions and known music forms, without loosing the typical, non inimitable LACRIMOSA character. Lyrics, written in the past in all life situations are most often as an inspiring spring for the music.

On “Fassade” a dominating part is in the intensive analyses about the human psyche and the confrontation of religious aspects among the endless spectrum of working out and coping with one’s own feelings.

Holding all lines in their own hands, Tilo Wolff and Anne Nurmi spent five months with intensive studio working in Berlin and Hamburg. This time was needed for the realisation of a unique infernal Symphony, which is presenting the state, assumption and going under of single individuals in a modern society, founding it’s final name and existence in “Fassade”. Close to perfection every note was carefully recorded, played by for the music best serviceable musicians; a colourful mixture of people coming together from the most diverse styles of music: Opera, Classic, Metal, Rock and even Jazz. Through the personal spirit and emotions of each guest musician, the music was brought alive. The German Film Orchestra Babelsberg was used for the orchestral parts next to a Philharmonic Orchestra for reaching more intimate atmosphere.

Musically “Fassade” is reaching new dimensions with it’s atmospheres, sometimes distant, sometimes more intimate than one can bare. The detailed arranged compositions are in the language of music presenting all human emotions, without saving the listener from being captured in it’s spell and being punched from one strong emotion to another with all it’s cruelty, intensity and beauty, but always being leaded by the shelter of the dominant, developed singing of Tilo Wolff and Anne Nurmi.


Text, Musik, Arrangement, Orchestrierung und Produktion von Tilo Wolff
außer “Senses”: Text & Musik von Anne Nurmi
Aufgenommen von Februar bis Juni 2001 in den Impuls Tonstudios, Hamburg
und Scoring Stage, Berlin


Tilo Wolff: Gesang, Klavier, Programming
Anne Nurmi: Gesang, Keyboards
Jay P.: Gitarren, Baß
AC: Schlagzeug
Manne Uhlig: Schlagzeug
Raphaela Mayhaus: Solo Sopran
Ursula Ritter: Solo Alt
Das Rosenberg Ensemble: Chor
Die Spielmann-Schnyder Philharmonie
und das Deutsche Filmorchester Babelsberg
Björn Westlund: Flöte
Thomas Rohde: Oboe
Larry Elam: Trompete
Stefan Pinter: 1. Geige
Rodrigo Reichel: 2. Geige
Dimitri Hoffmann: Bratsche
Christof Groth: Cello
Katharina C. Bunners: Kontrabaß